About me

Hi I’m Charles Ross and this is my travel blog!

Becoming a full-time travel blogger sounds like a very good idea in theory, but like anything else, the process can become very overwhelming as you begin the journey. To do it full-time and earn a living off of your travel blog, it is not as easy as simply posting up some articles and having a Facebook page or Twitter account.

I’ve learned that if you are truly passionate about your writing and have the drive to share your knowledge with others then the road can go far with providing the income you so desire.

My first year of blogging was tough because I didn’t really understand what I was writing about or why I was writing about it. I had no idea what social media even was at the time and I didn’t spend any time building my audience. I started with a passion and a business plan and slowly worked my way towards my desired goals.

After I got through that tough stage I started to connect with other bloggers, learning more about writing and sharing my passion. I’ve always written about my love for travel, so that was the first topic I wanted to cover when I started my blog.

After I wrote the first few posts, I started to build an audience of readers who were interested in hearing what I had to say. I’ve since learned that I don’t have to write about only one area of travel to be successful because I can actually talk about many different topics and get a lot of reader involvement. I’ve become quite good at writing about travel, blogging and social media so I’ve been able to generate quite a bit of passive income through those areas.

If you want your journey of becoming a travel blogger be easier, read on for some actual tips on how to start! Or maybe you’re simply looking for some great stories coming from the numerous trips I’ve been at and are searching for inspiration? In that case, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for visiting my blog!